Our Mission

Please click the image above to visit our Flicker page and enjoy photos from our Rockin For The Arts shows.

A Nationally Recognized 501c3 Public Charity
4105 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank CA 91505         818-845-1628

Rockin' For The Arts strives to bring together our communities, schools and school districts, businesses, churches and all other concerned people and organizations to help fund the arts programs of our children's schools in order to stop the erosion of arts education and it's funding

Rockin' For The Arts put on it's first show in 2006, since then we have grown to produce 4-6 events per school year. Please click the image above to visit our YouTube Page and check out videos of our shows.

Rockin' For The Arts provides a Rockin' experience for our kids while helping fund our schools arts programs.

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RFTA is a member of the Guidestar Exchange program and maintains a Gold Level of participation.