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Saturday // October 13th, 2018
Edison Elementary Burbank

Rockin' For The Arts Show

Doors: 3:00 pm / Show: 4:00 pm

Tickets $7


Saturday // November 17th, 2018
Kester Street Elementary

Rockin' For The Arts Show

Doors:  4pm / Show: 5pm

Tickets $TBA


Saturday // March 11th, 2017
Colfax Charter Elementary

Rockin' For The Arts Show

Doors: 2:00 pm / Show: 3:00 pm

Tickets $TBA

Friday // April 14th, 2017

Luther Burbank Middle School

Rockin' For The Arts Show
Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 5:00 pm

Tickets Adults $5.00 Students FREE

The Past

Rockin’ For The Arts started in the fall of 2006 with the announcement at Jefferson Elementary School in Burbank California that the school was cutting some of our children’s arts programs. A group of musical parents had the idea to put on a concert at the school to raise money to help fund the soon to be missing arts programs. We called that concert, “Rockin’ For The Arts”. That first RFTA concert featured two kid's bands and two parent bands along with members of the school’s faculty, including the principal. The concert raised over $10,000 and helped fund Jefferson arts programs for another year. 100% of the money raised went directly to the school. Everything was donated; musical instruction to the kids and teachers, sound equipment, lighting equipment, staging, musical instruments and backline equipment, concessions and more.

Past Rockin’ For The Arts participating public schools include:

Jefferson Elementary School – Burbank CA, BUSD

Disney Elementary School – Burbank CA, BUSD

Edison Elementary School – Burbank CA, BUSD

Bret Harte Elementary School – Burbank CA, BUSD

Ralph Emerson Elementary School – Burbank CA, BUSD

David Starr Jordan Middle School – Burbank CA, BUSD

John Muir Middle School – Burbank CA, BUSD

Luther Burbank Middle School – Burbank CA, BUSD

Colfax Charter Elementary School – Los Angeles CA, LAUSD

Kester Elementary School – Sherman Oaks CA, LAUSD

Mark Keppel Elementary School – Glendale CA, GUSD

The Present

Since its humble beginnings in 2006 at Jefferson Elementary, Rockin’ For The Arts has grown to include 5-6 public schools per school year. The number of participating schools has been capped at 5-6 because at our current funding level we cannot afford to pay instructors for any more than 5-6 concerts per school year. Each year we are forced to say “NO” to many deserving schools because of our limited resources. With a fundraising potential of $2,500-$15,000 for each Rockin’ For The Arts concert, with no cost to the parents or the school and a fun filled family night on their campus you can see why so many school are vying to have a Rockin’ For The Arts fundraising concert at their school.

Rockin’ For The Arts is now a well oiled machine when it comes to producing an RFTA concert at a school. We work with the school, PTA or booster club which are all 501(c)3 organizations. The school, PTA or booster club handles all the money, from ticket sales to concessions and 100% of the money raised stays at the school. The process starts 8-12 weeks before the show when fliers get sent out to the student body that ask “Who is in a band?”, “Who wants to be in a band?”, “Who plays an instrument?”, “Who wants to play an instrument?”. We take the responses to these fliers, organize the responses and place students in bands based on age, ability, experience and family requests. 6 weeks before the show we have a parent information night where the parents get to ask questions and then shortly after kids receive their band assignments and rehearsal schedules. 4-5 weeks before the show we start rehearsals. Rehearsals are one hour, once a week for 4-5 weeks. The students get to pick the song they will perform with guidance from our instructors and they get to select their band name. We also have a dress rehearsal/run through before the show. The concert on the campus of the school is the culmination of hard work and very exciting for all.

One of the most compelling Rockin’ For The Arts stories unfolded at Mark Keppel Elementary School in the Glendale Unified School District in Glendale California. In 2008 we brought the Rockin’ For The Arts concert program to Keppel and each year the concert has been more successful than the last and it sparked so much interest in arts education that Mark Keppel has now become an Arts Magnet school. We are proud that Rockin’ For The Arts was the funding and community interest catalyst for their new found direction in arts education.

The Future

Our short term goal is to double the number of San Fernando Valley Rockin’ For The Arts concerts from 5-6 to 10-12 per school year. Through grants (we hope), business and community support, and traditional fundraising, Rockin’ For The Arts is becoming a self sufficient charity that benefits our areas school arts programs through its fundraising concert events.

Rockin’ For The Arts has also established the Rockin’ For The Arts Scholarship Fund that helps young people in need pay for all or part of their private and/or group music lessons.

Ultimately we see Rockin’ For The Arts helping public and private (501(c)3) schools all across the country save and fund their arts programs. We have created a model that can be replicated anywhere parents, teachers and students wish to raise money for their school. RFTA looks forward to working with many music schools across the country while helping ensure that our children have access to arts education in their schools.

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